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Vision, Mission, Values, Beliefs and Strategic Goals; Board of Directors and Contact Information
The Canadian Occupational Therapy Foundation became a reality on May 17, 1983. The first Board of Governors consisted of three prominent Occupational Therapists: Karen Goldenberg, President; Dr. Thelma Cardwell, Vice President and Dr. Isobel Robinson, Secretary / Treasurer.

The purpose of the Canadian Occupational Therapy Foundation has always been to support research and scholarship in the field of occupational therapy. The Foundation’s focus has been on generating, receiving and maintaining funds and developing mechanisms for granting awards to individuals and organizations for research and scholarships.

From 1983 to 1995, COTF and CAOT shared office space in Toronto. When CAOT relocated to Ottawa in 1995, COTF remained in Toronto. However, a decision was made in 2002 for the Foundation to once again share office space with CAOT in order to foster a synergistic relationship which would benefit the entire occupational therapy community. From 2004 to 2015, COTF shared CAOT’s office space and services in Ottawa. Since 2015, COTF still in Ottawa, has enjoyed its own working environment.


Meaningful living for all Canadians.


Support knowledge development that is relevant to and builds a strong evidence base for clinical practice;

Inform better practice by facilitating knowledge translation and availability in a form and manner that meets the needs of clinicians;

Enable a professional culture that supports the full participation of clinicians in the development and implementation of evidence-based practice.


Accountability: COTF considers that the Board, Executive Director and all staff to be accountable to donors, partners and recipients of awards and scholarships.

Honesty: COTF will conduct all interactions in a respectful and ethical manner which protects the privacy of its donors.

Fairness: COTF will demonstrate fairness in the processes that the Board establishes and respect for due process.

Transparency: COTF will create an environment that is accessible and responsive to donors, partners and the occupational therapy community.

Innovation: The COTF Board is committed to improving the operations of COTF by providing leadership to implement innovative practices to better serve its donors, partners and the occupational therapy community.


  • COTF is a vehicle for advancing the profession through research.
  • Research is a crucial element of evidence-based practice, which translates to best practice.
  • Research is an important investment in our profession’s future.
  • Research occurs both in academic and clinical settings.
  • Research needs to be national in scope and cover all the realms (different scopes/sub disciplines) of occupational therapy.
  • Profession shows leadership in its financial investment in research.
  • Public awareness of the profession is fundamental for fundraising.
  • COTF funded research is disseminated to members of the profession and the public.


  1. Support knowledge development that is relevant to and builds a strong evidence base for clinical practice.

Goal: COTF will establish research priorities, with greater focus on applicable research that responds to the current and emerging needs of Canadians.

  1. Inform better practise by facilitating knowledge translation and availability in a form and manner that meets the needs of clinicians.

Goal #1: COTF will directly engage researchers in knowledge translation efforts in both English and French.

Goal #2: COTF will leverage partnerships to increase the availability and accessibility of new knowledge to clinicians.

COTF is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors composed of occupational therapists and representatives of related organizations, educational institutions, and industry. These individuals provide fiscal and legal oversight of the Foundation’s resources and ensure the Foundation’s programs are consistent with its mandate.
Marjorie Hackett, President:

Marjorie Hackett has been an Occupational Therapist for more than 37 years working in many areas of the profession; as a clinician in hospital settings, home care, long term care, Veteran’s Affairs (VAC), both in the disciplines of mental health and physical health. She worked at developing programs at the national level for Veterans Affairs and was a consultant to the National Health Care Team of VAC for many years. Currently, she co-manages Occupational and Recreational Services at the mental health facility in Charlottetown, supervising 10 OT Assistants.

Marjorie recognizes the value of OT research that has fortified her practice, particularly as a clinician, but she values scholarship and research in all aspects of the profession.

Marjorie, who has some fundraising experience, joined the COTF Board in October 2010 having been exposed to the important fundamental work of the Foundation while being PEI’s Board Director to CAOT (1999-2006). This understanding of the work of COTF allowed her to commit her energies to support research/scholarship for evidence to show Canadians that OT is a vital partner in sustaining their wellbeing.  

Marjorie was Vice President on October 1, 2014 and became the first president from Atlantic Canada on October 1, 2015. She sends a challenge out to all Occupational Therapists in Canada to donate to their Foundation!

Miranda Aubin, Treasurer:

Miranda is a CPA, CMA from Ottawa. She has worked in finance and accounting for over 7 years, and while she has worked in many industries, she is currently focused on start-ups. She enjoys helping newly founded companies fund raise, budget, and plan their go to market strategies.

Miranda joined the COTF Board of Directors in January 2016.

Adriana Vaduva, Secretary:

Adriana completed her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Criminology and World Literature at the University of Toronto where she graduated with distinction in 2007. She attended law school at Queen’s University where she obtained her Juris Doctorate in 2010 and she was called to the Bar of Ontario in 2011. Later that same year, Adriana joined Suboch Law as an Associate.

During law school, Adriana was President of the Queen’s Law Human Rights Association. She also gained valuable experience representing low-income clients at the Queen’s Legal Aid Clinic. Adriana spent her summers as a student at a litigation firm in Toronto where she also completed her articles. During this time, Adriana gained valuable experience in the areas of class action and personal injury law. Adriana is committed to representing plaintiffs in personal injury matters. In her spare time, Adriana enjoys travelling, dancing and spending time with her family and friends.

Adriana joined the COTF Board of Directors in November 2016. She has been the Secretary since November 2017.

Marat Altinbaev:

Marat is currently an associate at OMERS Private Equity in Toronto, having joined OMERS in 2015. Prior to joining OMERS, Marat was an analyst in the Mergers & Acquisitions team in investment banking at TD Securities.

Marat has a Bachelor’s of Business Administration with Honours from the Schulich School of Business, York University. He is also a CFA® charter holder.

Marat joined the COTF board in January 2017.

Barbara Code:

Barbara is an occupational therapist (retired 2017), who has served on the COTF Board since October 2013. She has 30 years experience with the department of Alberta Health, Government of Alberta. She has worked on cross ministry and stakeholder initiatives resulting in strategic health policy related to new community based service delivery models (i.e.: Alberta Aids to Daily Living, Urgent Care, Community Primary Care, Continuing Care / Support Living).

Barbara believes occupational therapists are well positioned to pursue key roles and responsibilities in the delivery and administration of community based care. She strongly believes in the identified need for a solid clinical research; research that demonstrates occupational therapy effectiveness in delivery of emerging new models of care.

Barbara understands the significance of provincial health legislation and health system reforms in Canada. She values the importance of constructive provincial health policy, and supports initiatives that strive to deliver high quality, fiscally responsible health care program and service models that enable Canadians to achieve optimal physical and emotional wellness, independence and quality of life.

Natalie MacLeod-Schroeder:

Natalie is a registered occupational therapist. She is the Director of Clinician Assessment Programs and an Instructor in College of Rehabilitation, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba.

She holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science from the University of Western Ontario, as well as a certificate in adult and continuing education from the University of Manitoba. She is a doctoral candidate in Education at the University of Manitoba.

Natalie’s experience includes the development of professional standards and guidelines, development and support of allied health research, the assessment and training of internationally educated occupational therapists, and leadership in continuing professional development initiatives for health professionals.

She is a strong advocate for occupational therapy research and evidence-based and the Mission and Vision of COTF.

Natalie joined the COTF Board of Directors in October 2015.

Juan Monterrosa:

Juan graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2014. He has been an active user of occupational therapy research to inform his practice while working in an emerging role within the child welfare system, and later to author reports supporting the integration of occupational therapy into various homelessness reduction strategy initiatives. Currently, he works in child and adolescent mental health and has recently returned to College of Rehabilitation Sciences as a sessional instructor. There, he strives to use applied research to inform the development and evaluation of therapeutic groups for young people with neurodevelopment disabilities; and works to instil the integration of an evidence-based approach in student clinicians.

Juan is a firm believer of the interconnection between research and clinical practice; noting that “research needs to inform clinical practice, just as much as clinical practice needs to inform research”.  As such, he is a proud donor and passionately supports COTF – recognizing the importance of COTF in advancing occupational therapy practice in Canada.

Juan joined the COTF Board of Directors in October 2015.

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