COTF Awards Program

Applying for a COTF research grant or scholarship is a wonderful means of building your future and developing the needs of the OT community.

A. General information for COTF Research Grants, Scholarships and Other Award

COTF’s awards program is national in scope and offers a series of annual competitions for research grants, scholarship and other awards.

COTF’s Research and Scholarship Review Committee, composed of established researchers, scholars and practitioners, reviews applications and makes funding recommendations to the COTF Board of Directors in COTF’s awards programs. The review process is peer based.

COTF’s awards program is funded through donations from individuals, corporations, organizations and foundations.

COTF’s awards competitions are open to all occupational therapists across the country.

Applicants must apply on-line for all awards in the COTF competitions.

COTF has the right to change the information on the awards program from time to time.

For the most up to date information, please contact or Thank you.

COTF Common Curriculum Vitae Format

COTF has created a common curriculum vitae format, which applicants are encouraged to use. Please click here to download.

The COTF Awards Process

  • Applicants apply to awards on-line.
  • Applicants are highly encouraged to contact staff throughout the application process for assistance or clarification.
  • COTF staff reviews applications for completeness only.
  • COTF staff contacts applicants to let them know if their application will be forwarded to the Review Committee or not.
  • The Review Committee Chair is given access to applications.
  • The Chair assigns reviewers, who are given access to applications.
  • Review Committee meets to discuss the applications, ranks them and makes a recommendation to the COTF Board of Directors for funding.
  • The COTF Board approves the Committee’s funding recommendation(s)
  • Staff notifies applicants of the competition results and provides reviews.
  • Successful applicants complete the required documentation from COTF in accepting the funding.
  • COTF issues a cheque to the recipients (for scholarship and other awards) or to the sponsoring institution (for research grants).
  • Recipients must complete the documentation sent by COTF, in order to receive the funding.
  • Recipients acknowledge COTF funding in any publications arising from the funded project
COTF Review Committee Members

  1. COTF’s Research and Scholarship Review Committee

This is the main review committee, which is representative of COTF’s geographical and linguistic needs as a national foundation.

  • Deb Cameron, Chair (University of Toronto)
  • Emily Etcheverry (University of Manitoba)
  • Susanne Murphy (Queen’s University)
  • Aliki Thomas (McGill University) – bilingual
  • Kim Larouche (Practitioner in Newfoundland) – bilingual

Art Worth participates in the review process for the Barb Worth Emergent Leader Award.

COTF calls upon other members to join the review process when COTF partners with other organizations.


  1. Marita Dyrbye Mental Health Award Review Committee

Coming soon…


  1. Janice Hines Memorial Award Review Committee
  • Bluma Goldberg
  • Jane Nakonechny
  • Brenda Fischbrook Benoit
  • Rosalie Freund
  • Vicky Wirth

B. Deadlines

2018 COTF Research Grant:  February 28, 2018

1 x COTF Innovation Grant ($5,000)
1 x COTF Mental Health Research Grant ($10,000)
1 x COTF Isobel Robinson Historical Research Grant ($2,000)
1 x McMaster Legacy Grant to Honour Deb Stewart ($2,000)


2018 COTF Scholarship Deadline: October 1, 2018 

The program for 2018 has not yet been determined.

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