Other Awards

Marita Dyrbye Mental Health Award 

Awarded on each odd year to an occupational therapist for activities that enhance the practice of occupational therapy in mental health. The value of the award is $1,000.



check Deadline: October 1, 2023 (every odd year) 

Janice Hines Memorial Award

Awarded annually to an occupational therapist for an activity, which supports the transfer of knowledge of best practices in paediatric occupational therapy. The value of the award is $1,000.

check Deadline: October 1 annually.

COTF Future Scholar Award

The COTF Future Scholar Award was introduced in 2008 in celebration of COTF’s 25th anniversary. The award is sponsored by COTF. Each academic institution that is interested in the award must contact cotf@cotfcanada.org by December 31 each year to inform COTF of its interest.

The award is for Master’s professional students where the accent would be on research in the professional program. The award is for potential in research. The faculty at the given academic institution would be responsible for choosing the student(s) who has/have potential for capital R research, but is/are currently engaged in small r research. COTF will send a cheque for $100 in the name of the academic institution. It is the responsibility of the academic institution to issue a cheque to the student(s).

The award should be presented at an event, such as an awards ceremony, where COTF would receive recognition. Each academic institution must provide COTF with the name of the winning student(s) and photo(s) no later than December 31. COTF will send a PDF of a certificate that can be printed for presentation to the student(s). Cheques will be mailed to the academic institutions in January or February of the following year.

check Deadline: December 31 annually.

Provincial Awards

(please contact the provinces directly for more and up to date information)

1. CAOT-BC Awards

CAOT-BC Research & Education Grant : https://caot.ca/site/rc/researcheducgrant?nav=sidebar

This annual grant supports CAOT-BC members to present occupational therapy research and/or education at either the CAOT national conference or other related conferences. It is open to all CAOT-BC members with the goal of supporting the growth of evidence on occupational therapy and occupational science.

Applications area accepted annually between February 15 and May 31.


CAOT-BC Dianna Mah-Jones Memorial Grant for Innovation :  https://www.caot.ca/site/rc/aboutcaotbc/awards/dmjgrant?nav=sidebar

This annual grant supports CAOT-BC members to participate in continuing education that will enable them to gain skills, knowledge, and competence to deliver innovative direct client care. Established in memory of Dianna Mah-Jones, who was a creative and tireless advocate and activist for innovation and excellence in client care, this grant can be used towards registration fees to any course, workshop, conference, or other educational session that is relevant to the applicant’s area of practice.

Applications are accepted annually between February 15 and May 31.

2. SAOT Clinical Research Grants

A maximum of three $500 grants are awarded annually for the following:

  1. Education to Allow Research: The purpose of the grant is to support occupational therapists in Alberta who are advancing their knowledge to enable them to carry out clinical research.
  2. Clinical Research Award: The purpose of this grant is to support clinical research in the area of occupational therapy, which is not academically supported.
  3. Financial Assistance for Research Presentation: The purpose of this grant is to support occupational therapists in Alberta doing a presentation on research that has been completed.

check Deadline: April 1 annually.


MSOT Research Fund Presentation Award:

To provide funding to support the presentation of original clinical/research findings by occupational therapists who are presenting at a national or international scientific meeting. One award of up to a maximum of $500.00 is available annually.
Deadline: 2nd Monday in January annually.

MSOT Mary Judd Research Application:

Awarded annually to members of MSOT for research on occupational performance and occupational therapy.

check Deadline: 1st Monday of November annually.



The Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists Research Fund (OSOTRF) is the research fund of the members of the Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists. Established to both promote and support occupational therapy research in Ontario, the OSOTRF Grants Program now funds two annual research grants.

The Occupational Therapy Research Grant (up to $1000) supports original research to provide an evidence base for clinical or practice related issues with a focus on support of occupational therapist clinician-researchers. 

The OSOT Strategic Priorities Research Grant (up to $10,000 in 2021) encourages and contributes to the growth of clinical research in occupational therapy that supports the positioning and evolution of practice in Ontario, addressing policy and practice priorities and the economic impact of occupational therapy.  

In 2021 priority will be given to projects that seek to provide evidence of the value of occupational therapy to clients, families/caregivers, and the health care system particularly as this relates to one of the following priority themes;

  • integrated care models
  • mental health and addictions
  • frail seniors
  • seniors with complex medical conditions
  • palliative care  
  • autism spectrum disorder
  • COVID-19
  • health equity within diverse populations


Researchers are advised to be specific about how their project addresses these priorities and are asked to demonstrate in their proposal how their work might be leveraged to have the largest impact possible.

Clinician-researchers, clinician/researcher partnerships and experienced researchers alike are encouraged to make an application!






check Deadline: May 1st annually 


5. COTF-NBAOT Scholarship Award
*Applications due by August 1 

The COTF-NBAOT Scholarship Award will be given to three NBAOT members who offer an OT-related presentation between September 1- November 30. An award of $200 will be offered to the top 3 applications based on relevance to OT and quality of the proposal. Any type of presentation may be considered – Lunch and Learn, poster, etc. 

Please provide the following to cathy.whiteot@gmail.com by August 1:

  1. Name
  2. Mailing Address
  3. Email Address
  4. Title and Brief Description of Presentation (approx. 100 words)

Winners will be notified by email by August 15.

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