2023 Research Grants:

  • Melanie Levasseur, Univ. Sherbrooke COTF Innovation Research Grant, $10,000 “Programme Remodeler sa vie aurpes d’aines quebecois: une etude de cas multiples soutenue par une approche realiste/ French Canadian Lifestyle Redesign with community-dwelling older adults: A realist evaluation of multiple case studies”
  • Sandra Fucile, Queen’s Univ. COTF Innovation Research Grant, $5,000, “The long-term benefits of parent-driven early intervention Occupational Therapy approach to care in the NICU: Identiying occupational performance outcomes in preterm born children at peschool age.”
  • Shannon Gravelle, Queen’s Univ. McMaster Legacy Award $3500 “Assistive Technology in Pediatric Occupational Therapy Pracrice: Perceptions of Practitioners and Academic Curriculum Leaders”
  • Louis-Pierre Auger, University of Montréal, Research on Education $3,000 ” OT and Sexuality – an evidence-based curriculum to improve occupational therapy (OT) students’ competencies regarding sexuality across Cananada

2023 COTF Scholarships:

  • Christina Macdonald, McMaster University, Barbara Worth Emergent Leader, $2,500
  • Kirby Way, University of British Columbia, Barbara Worth Emerent Leader, $2,500
  • Sandra Houle, University of Ottawa, COTF Doctoral $3,000
  • April Vanderveen, Western University, COTF Doctoral $3,000
  • Naomi Davids-Brumer, University of Toronto, Huguette Picard Legacy $2,500
  • Nadielda Pastor Bedard, Universite de Montreal, COTF Masters, $1,500
  • Mathilde Chagnon, Universite de Sherbrooke, Thelma Cardwell Award, $2,000
  • Laura Garcia, McMaster University, Goldwin Howland Award, $2,000
  • 5 recipients of $1,000 for Pandemic Bursaries
  • 2 recipients of $1,500 each for Gowan Indigenous Health Scholarship



Congratulations to all of the winners! Thank you to the Review Committee for its work!
















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