Ways to Support the Foundation

Through organized events and donations, you can help support the Foundation.

Getting Involved – How to Support the Foundation

1. Fundraising Events

A. At the CAOT Annual General Conference

Breakfast / Lunch with a Scholar 

COTF selects a scholar (an OT who is a grant recipient or donor or both) who speaks about a topic of relevance to OTs during a ticketed meal. A portion of the ticket sales is directed to the Foundation. Donors are provided with an income tax receipt for the donation portion of their ticket.

Silent and Live Auctions

COTF has the ability to hold silent and live auctions, where the items are donated by OTs, other individuals and industry partners across the country. Donors are provided with income tax receipts for the value of donated items, with proof of value.

Local Artists

COTF showcases a local artist or vendor. Purchasing the item chosen by COTF is also a great opportunity to support the local economy and COTF at the same time.

Social Event Item

COTF sells an item that is linked to CAOT’s social event, when possible.

B. Other Events

OT Month

October is OT Month. During this month, COTF has a fundraising event that benefits the Foundation. The event could be the sale of an item or a challenge to the OT programs or provinces across the country.

2. Donating to COTF

Donations in Memory, Honour, Celebration

If you would like to recognize a special event in a person’s life, this is a unique way to mark that occasion. 


When you donate online, you have the option of donating to a variety of funds that support research and scholarship in occupational therapy.

Bequests, Insurance , Stocks

Through bequests, insurance and stocks, you can donate through COTF for the long term. Tax benefits are available through this form of giving as well, and also help COTF’s long-term growth.

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